7 weird client requests


Clients' requests can be downright bizarre sometimes. Just look at these outrageous stories readers shared with us.

Readers shared these outrageous stories with us via our Facebook page and the dvm360.com message boards.

Don't look now

Our practice had an older client who asked us to do several things, including baby sit her dog, run errands, and deliver two bags of dog food to a homeless man and his two dogs on Christmas Eve. One day, she called and asked my wife and me to come over right away. She claimed that she had been beaten by an intruder and would only trust my wife to come and verify her bruising. When my wife entered her room in her home, the client was completely naked.

—Kyle Palmer, CVT, practice manager

Silver Creek Animal Clinic P.C.; Silverton, Ore.

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Sadie is all stuffed up

Some family friends asked if I knew of any taxidermists who would preserve their German Shepherd after she was euthanized. They wanted to put her next to the fireplace. They did find someone, and she is still next to the fireplace.

—Dr. Val Fournier

Veterinary Emergency Services; Madison Heights, Mich.

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I've got this itch

We had a client take his shirt off in our exam room because he swore he felt a tick on his back. Well, there was one, and he asked the veterinarian to remove it. She did.



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When pigs fly!

So far the weirdest request from a client that our clinic has received was a phone call from a gentleman who had bought a pig to butcher. After realizing he'd have to kill the pig, he called wanting us to euthanize the pig first. We explained that we only see cats and dogs and that he could not euthanize the pig and then butcher it to be eaten. On a similar note, another gentleman called wanting us to dispense a sedative for him to give his pig. He wanted to neuter it himself. Again, we informed the caller that we only see cats and dogs and gave him a number to a clinic that sees farm animals.

—Krystal Bates, receptionist

Chapin Veterinary Care Center; Chapin, S.C.

Staying abreast

Years ago at my first practice, a female client brought in her Persian cat with, you guessed it, ringworm. Paranoid once she found out humans can contract it from their pets, she proceeded to take her blouse off and show our (male) veterinarian the side of her breast to see if she had a ringworm lesion. Needless to say, the doctor quickly stepped out of the room and had me step in and explain that, although he is a doctor, he can't diagnose humans, and she needs to see an MD. Funny, I wonder if she would do this to her dentist since he is a doctor too.



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You couldn't pay me to ...

Once, a client asked us how much it would cost to have his dog's anal glands sucked. There isn't enough money in the world.

—Jen Verbetich, veterinary assistant

Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital; Jacksonville, N.C.

Memories in a jar

I once had a client ask me to keep her cat's testicles after we neutered him. At first, I was a little weirded out by that request. But then I thought, "To each his own." So we preserved the testicles in formalin for her.

—Cat Holly, CVT

Atlantic Animal Hospital; Charlestown, R.I.

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