6 Inspiring, Women-led Podcasts for Your Commute


These six podcasts can help you make positive changes in your life, take charge of your career and break the bad habits you’ve been holding on to.

According to new data from Edison Research, 24 percent of women have listened to a podcast in the last month — up from 21 percent in 2017, and only 18 percent in 2016. This increase may be attributed to the growing number of women podcasters creating content to empower other women (and men) on their journeys to successful careers and fulfilled lives.

Turn your daily commute into an opportunity to better your mental health, gain valuable career advice and learn from women leaders who came before you by exploring the six women-led podcasts outlined below. Give them a listen — you’ll be glad you did.

Advice To My Younger Me

Created By: Sara Holtz

After spending 20 years as a business lawyer and senior executive at Fortune 500 companies, Sara Holtz decided to use her business acumen to help other women achieve their own career success. With her podcast, Advice To My Younger Me, Holtz provides young women professionals with the tools they need to reach their highest potential. By drawing on the wisdom of women who have already paved the path, this “pay-it-forward” podcast engages the listener in a conversation about how to thrive at work.

Review: “To have a powerhouse woman decide to interview successful women around the concept of sharing our wisdom is inspirational, not just to the youngest among us, but for all of us. It got me thinking about my own life and applying the stories and tips to my situations now.”

Girlboss Radio

Created By: Girlboss Media

Hear interviews from boundary-pushing women including actress, producer and activist Charlize Theron, Co-Founder and CEO of Rent the Runway Jenn Hyman, and award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker and best-selling author Katie Couric. In discussions led by Girlboss Media Founder Sophia Amoruso, each powerful woman shares her intimate journey through life, the lessons she has learned along the way and the advice she thinks other women need to hear.

Review: “Sophia is just a powerhouse, and I cannot wait to hear more from this podcast. Thank you for recognizing other #girlbosses and starting a conversation about powerful women.”

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Created By: The Onward Project

As the No. 1 bestselling author of “The Happiness Project” and “Better Than Before,” Gretchen Rubin has a lot of happiness to go around. In this podcast, Rubin and her sister Elizabeth give listeners practical, manageable advice about happiness and good habits. As a “happiness bully,” Rubin’s mission is to make you happier by any means necessary.

Review: “You bring such helpful advice and practical solutions to everyday life routines and struggles. Your willingness to be vulnerable and share your ‘fumbles’ as well as your successes is refreshing, especially in this current ‘me’ generation world. The happy make the world better and the unhappy do not!”

Savvy Psychologist

Created By: QuickAndDirtyTips.com

As a veterinary professional, staying on top of your mental health and self-care should be a priority. This podcast can help you better understand why it’s so important. Ellen Hendriksen, PhD, a clinical psychologist at Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, uses a sympathetic ear and evidence-based research to better explain why we feel the way we feel and why we build the relationships we build.

Review: “Dr. Hendrickson has a calm, clear voice and she summarizes difficult information wonderfully. Topics range from lighter, everyday feelings to heavier problems. This podcast is informative, up-to-date and has definitely increased my knowledge and understanding of many common (and not-so-common) psychological problems.”

Women at Work

Created By: Harvard Business Review

Put together because there was no workplace orientation session about narrowing the wage gap, standing up to interrupting male colleagues or any of the other issues women encounter at work, this podcast stands alone. Led by three female Harvard Business Review editors, this podcast explores some of the touchiest subjects related to gender and the workplace.

Review: “I enjoyed the first episode — much of it resonated with my own experience and challenges. There was a good balance between experts and research and example from reality. I found the advice helpful and look forward to putting it to use.”

Women, Work and Worth

Created By: Mavenly + Co.

Are you trying to navigate your life with intention and meaning? The Women, Work and Worth podcast can help you design your veterinary career and lifestyle with purpose. The podcast hosts dive deep into the stories of successful, inspiring women, while also somehow making each powerful woman appear relatable.

Review: “Feeding my podcast obsession with these wonderful women always brightens my day. They are so inspiring, and hearing what they have to say is really motivating.”

Our Pick: Opening Up About Mental Health + Anxiety with Alison Malmon (39 minutes)

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