5 ways to self-soothe your veterinary clinic stress


Associates and practices owners, put these retail therapy and relaxation tools on your holiday wish list or, better yet, buy them for yourself (you deserve it).

Blink-182 struck a chord with the lyric, “Work sucks, I know,” and the sentiment resonates in veterinary medicine on the bad days-but these five ideas for coping can make your workday challenges feel a little less frustrating.

Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden, $29.99

Brighten up your veterinary clinic's bleak break room with a cheery 9-inch-by-9-inch zen garden in a rosewood box that holds sand, a bamboo rake, a broom, two mini-birds and polished stones. Spend five minutes brushing away your stress by designing patterns in the sand. The kit includes a booklet with design ideas (if you keep finding yourself writing obscenities about clients). 

(EDITOR'S NOTE: We are not responsible for your clinic cat using the zen garden as a litter box.)

Photo source: Toysmith


Brookstone Towel Warmer, $99.99

Veterinary patients can get heated towels, so why not indulge too? Treat yourself to warm, comforting towels every day and feel better whether you're headed into work or getting home after a long day. Or you'll feel more relaxed when a rough day has you screaming into a towel. Another plus: heated blankets.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Maybe the clinic cat that keeps pooping in your zen garden would cut you a break if cats at your clinic got warm [not burning hot!] blankets in the treatment area and exam room.)

Photo source: Brookstone


The Original Ergo Chair, $99

It's said that being happy starts within yourself-and that includes your back and neck. This exercise ball seat encourages better posture and develops your core muscles. Hey, they say better posture leads to confidence … and confidence leads to better client recommendations … and better client recommendations lead to better patient health … and, well, you get the idea.

Photo source: The Ergo Chair


Omvana, Free (in-app purchases available)

So maybe the older generation is right-we aren't happy without our smartphones. This calming app lets users listen to hundreds of audio recordings of meditations, speeches and other tracks. It features such categories as Sleep (power nap in the break room!), Productivity (power through those medical records like a champ!) and Guided Meditations (“I am one with the world … I am one with the angry client … I am one with the scared cat … ”). It can also be synced with Apple's HealthKit app so your phone can know even more about you than it already does. Omvana is also available for Android.

Photo source: Omvana


Sleep With Me, Free

After a long day at the veterinary clinic, you might not be able to turn off your brain and get to sleep at night. Sure, you could break out your Inorganic Chemistry textbook (hey, it worked in vet school, right?)

Photo source: Sleep With MeOr you could pop the headphones in and relax with this podcast described as as “a lulling, droning, bedtime story to distract your racing mind.” This prerecorded and regularly updated audio program can be accessed on a computer or with your smartphone.


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