3 must-reads for National Wildlife Day 2024


Spotlighting 3 articles on wildlife and wildlife researchers

Георгий Лыкин / stock.adobe.com

Георгий Лыкин / stock.adobe.com

Happy National Wildlife Day and happy birthday to the late Steve Irwin! Wildlife encompasses a diverse array of animal species, with unique natural habitats that contribute to the overall ecosystem of the Earth. Steve Irwin, known as the "Crocodile Hunter," was an Australian wildlife enthusiast, conservationist, and television personality, renowned for his passion for and dedication to educating the public about wildlife and its conservation. To celebrate wildlife and Steve Irwin, we have put together 3 articles from the first baby gorilla to be born via Caesarean section at the Fort Worth Zoo, a snow leopard with a fractured tooth, to a keynote presentation from Terri and Robert Irwin.

Check out these articles below:

  1. The Fort Worth Zoo shared that on January 5, 2024, it welcomed Jameela, a female baby gorilla. She is the third baby gorilla to be born at the zoo but has become the first to be born via Caesarean section (C-section).
  2. Trini, a 10-year-old female snow leopard at the Micke Grove Zoo in Lodi, California had her annual examination upcoming, but zoo caretakers noticed a fractured canine tooth in Trini’s mouth.
  3. Terri and Robert shared their love for veterinary medicine and how highly she and her late husband, Steve Irwin, thought of the profession.
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