11 free puppy handouts for your practice

December 12, 2018

Theres a good chance those dusty old new-puppy handouts on racks, on tabletops and tucked into dark exam-room drawers could use a blast of, well, puppy-like youthful exuberance. Add these new (or new to you) handouts to your new-client packets or stick them on your website or in social media.

Are your clients bringing home a puppy? They should bring home these handouts too ... (Pieter Bregman/stock.adobe.com)Have your new-puppy handouts seen better days? Are you a little embarrassed about that 1981-looking veterinary client handout you slip new clients with happy new puppies?

Print these full-color, fabulous new handouts and add them to your packets or share them on your practice website.

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