10 tips to help you grow in your job


To cultivate your skills and take firm root in your career, consider these ideas.

Chat it up.

Online communities, like the one on dvm360.com, and career-related chat rooms help you stay current on trends in your field and provide you a place to exchange ideas, questions, and solutions.

Seek a mentor.

Who better to help you plot your career path than someone who's already achieved professional enlightenment? Find someone you respect, and seek his or her tried-and-true advice and emotional support.

Take charge.

Impress your boss by taking on a project that everyone else is shirking. It shows vigor, maturity, and dedication.


Invite a speaker to talk to your team, or attend a lecture on how to improve your leadership skills.

Get technical.

Brush up on general computer skills, or take a class on a software program that could streamline your practice's workflow.

Learn another language.

You don't need to be fluent to better communicate with clients—and put yourself at the forefront of your boss's mind. Start by listening to an introductory CD on your way to work.


Local meetings and workshops give you big bang for your buck because they pack a ton of information into a small amount of time–and they're close to home.

Treat yourself.

Recharge your battery with a day at the spa, an hour at the gym, or just a minute to yourself, and you'll be able to keep going and going ...


It's what and who you know that gives you an edge, so join a professional organization rich with resources and contacts.

Be a bookworm.

Block out a few hours a week to read three or four work-related publications. Then put the strategies you find into practice.

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