10 feline medical research grants awarded by Winn Feline Foundation


Projects selected include research in cats with cardiovascular disease, FIP, chronic pain, and more.

The Winn Feline Foundation has announced the 2012 recipients of feline medical research grants. Every year the foundation receives proposals from researchers worldwide that have an interest in improving feline health. This year, 10 recipients were selected from a pool of 44 entries.

“We are excited about the proposals that have received funding. Our team of expert veterinary consultants helped the foundation select 10 projects for funding for a total of $174,018. The foundation looks forward to seeing the results of these projects and to sharing them with the veterinary community, as well as with cat owners and pedigreed cat breeders,” Winn President Vicki Thayer, DVM, said in a prepared statement.

The following projects were awarded research grants this year:

  • The Ricky Fund project: The efficacy of Bosentan, a mixed Eta ETb receptor antagonist, in cats with arterial thromboembolism; $18,728
  • Bria Fund Project: Anti-immune evasive therapy in the treatment of FIP—a randomized, controlled clinical trial; $24,962
  • Breed-funded project: Fine mapping for Sphynx cat hypertrophic cardiomyopathy gene; $24,674
  • Breed-funded project: Molecular characterization of Bengal progressive retinal atrophy; $4,221
  • Immunohistochemical quantification of the transcobalamin II protein (TCII) and receptor (TCII-R) in naturally occurring feline tumors; $17,663
  • Development of outcome assessment instruments for chronic pain in cats; $24,513
  • Decontamination of household textiles exposed to Microsporum canis spores; $5,363
  • Administration of pimobendan to cats with chronic kidney disease; $20,000
  • “Wool sucking” behavior in Siamese and Birman cats; $16,109
  • Development and in vitro optimization of hydrogels for the delivery of FHV specific siRNAs encapsulated in chitosan nanoparticles; $17,785

Funding for these projects is based on donations by sponsors, who receive progress reports and copies of any publications created by the researchers as a result of the projects. Anyone interested in sponsoring a project can donate online at www.winnfelinehealth.org.

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