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The main objectives of The Cat Business Alliance are to actively encourage communication and collaboration among all segments of the cat industry to establish a strong, supportive working partnership that both increases revenues for cat businesses while providing more donation funds for the work of nonprofits. I call it "The Cat Business Circle.” More healthy, happy cats in new homes thanks to nonprofits means more new end-consumers for cat businesses. Our strategy is Communication and Collaboration For More Cats In Homes. Together, we can keep the circle always moving. Cats are the true end-consumers, because their people increasingly want to do more for them!

Here’s where communication and collaboration really have a major impact in the process. The business side of the cat industry is made up of several segments - sitters, boarders, behaviorists, groomers, retailers, creative professionals, veterinarians and more. Some don’t talk with others. While we can’t make the lack of communication disappear, we can reduce it by facilitating good communication. Business owners, cat parents and nonprofits all benefit from clearer, more concise communication for the sake of cats. With a portion of dollars normally spent for essential goods, supplies and services, cat businesses can provide additional financial support for the work of cat nonprofits, which is also the care, health and happiness of all domestic cats. More fundraising approaches are sought and explored at all times to fuel the effort.

With cats as the constant focus, our intent and actions help support cats by supporting our mission.

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