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Behavioral Wellness is as important as physical wellness. SSS partners with veterinarians across the entire state of NC to have a multi-modal approach to dogs staying in their homes and out of rescues and shelters.

Behavior Forward Thinking. We work harder for you than anyone else in our industry. Want PROOF? We are NCVMB CE approved presenters! (We offer 5 hours of CE). Owner, Shane Gentry, was the opening 2-hour CE presenter at 2021 NC Summer Conference. Worked with NC State Behavior Club 2018-19. Lectured at Carolinas Unite Rescue Conference twice.

We offer FREE TRAINING for vet staff! (We want to EARN your referral, we never EXPECT it). We did $53,000 in free training for vet staff in 2019. Covid has reduced that number, but it’s on the way back up.

The Veterinary Practice News did a story on how much business vet practices loose to behavior problems each year. IT COULD BE AS HIGH AS 15%! Sally Said So’s mission is to keep your clients, YOUR CLIENTS!

If you’re referring a trainer that does not have your business as a priority, I would ask that you give SSS an opportunity to earn your trusted referral.

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