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AnimEd Solutions is company dedicated exclusively to supporting veterinarians and improving animal health worldwide through expert-level, native language pet owner education.

AnimEd Solutions was founded in 2019 in response to the increasingly deleterious effect of Internet misinformation on the health and wellbeing of pets. Studies have shown that the “Dr Google” effect is equally harmful to the wellbeing of vets and their staff. Pet owners increasingly rely on the internet to learn how to take care of their pet’s health. Consequently, “DIY” pet care is on the rise. This has a negative impact on the vet-client relationship and delays implementation of appropriate veterinary care. Pets are not getting the best care in time, and vets and their staff suffer increasing burnout rates and withdrawal from the profession.

While the family vet is still the best and most trusted source of pet health information, currently, most vets do not have the time or the tools to fully address their clients’ educational needs. That’s where AnimEd Solutions comes in.
AnimEd Solutions is currently developing “VetGuide,” world’s first digital “information prescription” service for vets. It meets the vets’ and pet owners’ need and demand for 100% trustworthy pet owner education. It gives vets and their clients privileged access to a digital educational library containing hundreds of articles and videos.

AnimEd Solutions video content, that is, snackable video capsules of live interviews with veterinary specialists, is currently available in the French and Dutch languages. Over 700 pet owner education video capsules have already been produced with EBVS® specialists from France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Expansion of our services to serve other major language groups is in progress.

AnimEd Solutions is the only company that validates all educational content by a 5-vet independent scientific committee and produces educational videos via live native language interviews with board-certified specialists. Thanks to the friendly and accessible language and tone used in the articles and interviews, the content is appropriate for pet owners, but also for vets and their staff, allowing for continuous education of the entire clinic team. All content is 100% independent, unbiased, and agnostic. AnimEd Solutions provides explanations without ever proposing symptom list-based diagnoses or therapeutic options. We strongly insist that the family veterinarian is the only person truly qualified to evaluate, diagnose or treat pet patients.

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