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Episode 48: A magical journey to zoological medicine

On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Dr Christman is joined by second-year veterinary student Christian Capobianco who reflects on the life-changing experience that inspired him to become a wildlife veterinarian and offers useful advice to pre-veterinary students.

3 Must-reads on veterinary cardiology

Check out these articles offering insight on congenital defects, cardiac tumors, and more.

Tips for managing diabetes in dogs and cats

Successful management of diabetes in veterinary patients requires patience, data, and an individualized approach.

Trematode parasites 101

Trematode infections in dogs and cats are relatively uncommon, but the severity of the diseases associated with these parasites warrants awareness and control strategies.

Upping your lateral suture game

Lateral suture stabilization is a viable treatment option for cranial cruciate ligament injury in dogs. Here are key points for increasing success in these cases.