Vetcetera: The business case for seeing more cats

Vetcetera: The business case for seeing more cats

Veterinarians' dirty little secret, making more money through feline visits, and commentary from Dr. Elizabeth Colleran.
Dec 19, 2014
By staff

The Secret: Many Vets Don't Like Cats

I am so glad that you are bringing up this issue...I have had big wonderful dogs and much loved cats most of my life and have spend thousands on vet bills ( even with pet insurance ) over the year, gladly, because animals are my greatest joy.

I have had great vets for the big dogs, but I have noticed many times, that these excellent 'dog' vets don't really love, or even like, cats. Oh, they are polite and very nice and a good help with the kitty, but a true cat lover can recognize the difference.

And once its not a textbook case, the general practice vets I have known, tend to lose interest. ( which, honestly, is how I ended up driving an hour each way to the cat speciaist)

When trying to find a good vet ( unfortunately I have lost a few of them to retirement, moving etc. ) my friends and I always ask each other " But does he / she ( the potential new vet ) LIKE CATS? "

In my state, there are a handful of actual cat specialty vets, one of whom I have had the pleasure of knowing, and he is very knowledgeable...albeit an hours drive from us. And I sure wish there were more 'cat specialists.'

I have often said this to him and he informed me that most vets don't really want cats....let alone love cats...enough to really dig in and get to know everything about these mysterious creatures whose health issues can be elusive and time consuming. And lets face it, how many cats do you know who are really happy and well behaved at the vets?

And the funny thing is, every cat lover I know would GLADLY spend even a 30% mark-up over the going rate of the local generalist vets, just to get a cat-dedicated practice (or at least a SERIOUSLY, like no kidding, cat friendly practice ) One feels at times, that the cat is considered at the local vets, to be a second class citizen.

I have often echoed the sentiments of the Cat Specialist Dr. Colleran, in your video. This cat specialty thing is a gold mine waiting to happen. And the vets should really look at this closely, especially during these difficult economic times, where it could make or break a practice, in my estimation.

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