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Vetted: VetEc + VetMed, shaken not stirred

Oldies, oddities and kitties

VETTED - Sep 18, 2017

The American Museum of the Housecat is a cat-lover’s paradise—and not just because you’ll find over 5,000 items of feline art, toys and collectibles. All profits go to funding a no-kill, cat-only adoption center and sanctuary.

Why 'use it or lose it' works in veterinary wellness plans

VETTED - Sep 15, 2017

When veterinary clients pay an annual fee—or monthly installments—for wellness services over the course of a year, will they be mad if they don't use them? Not if you remind them. (You ARE sending out regular reminders for everything, right?)

Feline stomatitis: Get all the gunk

VETTED - Sep 12, 2017

Leaving behind any rough edges or diseased tissue when removing teeth from cats with this painful condition is a big no-no, says Dr. Heidi Lobprise.

7 techniques for better radiographs—and better patient care

VETTED - Sep 06, 2017

A radiograph can quickly become an expensive and a dangerous waste of time (think of that X-ray exposure!) if it’s not showing what is needed. Here are some tips to make you a pro.

Investing in veterinary imaging: A tale of two ultrasounds

VETTED - Aug 29, 2017

When it comes to purchasing ultrasound equipment, you want the best of machines, not the worst of machines. It's a far, far better thing to do your research. Here’s one clinic's guidance on how to approach this sizable investment.

Data: Pet owners on nutrition, preventive health, pain


Whose job is preventive health? How often do young pet owners turn to nutrition to solve their pet's pain problems? Dive into the new data from The Pet Owner Paths research.

Breaking news

EQ: The soft skill that will harm your team if ignored

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Sep 22, 2017

By Mike Paul, DVM

This skill can make your veterinary team work together better and you a more effective leader.

Big game, big protest and bigger consequences

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Sep 19, 2017

By Marc Rosenberg, VMD

While the First Amendment gives the freedom to protest, an at-will employment relationship means it's necessary to tread lightly.

dvm360 product report: 15-month Lyme vaccine, practice app features and more

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Sep 18, 2017

By dvm360.com staff

Here's our weekly rundown of new and notable veterinary products.

Clinical updates

PrettyLitter: A new ally in veterinary disease detection?


By Sarah Mouton Dowdy, Associate Content Specialist

Cats are masters of disguising pain and illness, but this kitty litter is designed to help reveal their true colors.

Into the wild(life) quiz


By dvm360.com staff

Spelunkers and bats, marine mammals and cats, deer and habitats. How well do you know your wildlife diseases? Take the quiz and find out!

Keep pets appropriately active following surgery


By David Dycus, DVM, MS, DACVS-SA

They'll think they're healed well before they really are.

Practice life and business

The Affordable Care Act: Still alive and well—for now

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Sep 21, 2017

By Mark E. Battersby

Despite efforts to repeal or replace, veterinarians still need to be aware of health insurance regulations—for themselves and their employees.

Price matching? We're better than that


By Charly Kronberger, LVT, CVPM

Time-consuming price matching and a less-than-stellar online store drove me to talk the practice owner into big changes when it came to product sales at her veterinary practice.

How I saved more than $100,000 for my hospital

VETTED - Sep 19, 2017

By Stephanie Zeddies

If it's too expensive to hire somebody like me (we're worth our weight in gold, come on), try seven other tweaks to get your veterinary practice inventory better managed and lower priced.

Teamwork and communication

Image quiz: Persistent evidence of parasites on a fecal flotation test

FIRSTLINE - Sep 22, 2017

By Richard Gerhold, DVM, MS, PhD

This beagle mix has been treated multiple times for similar findings. Can you figure out what’s going on?

A cat's trip to the vet

FIRSTLINE - Sep 20, 2017

By Hannah Wagle, Assistant Content Specialist

When a pet owner says the word V-E-T, a cat hears D-I-E. But you can fix that.

4 futures for veterinary practice managers

FIRSTLINE - Sep 20, 2017

By Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM

In the year 2020 ... what manager will you be? They might look similar, but your flavor of veterinary practice manager personality and approach to big change today could make a big difference.

Photo packages

5 tips from award-winning veterinary hospital owners


By dvm360.com staff

Need some veterinary hospital design inspiration and ideas? Here are five quick ideas and words of wisdom to use now or bank for your dream hospital in the future.

ER docs, specialists and their team members shine on TV

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Aug 19, 2017

By Christine Cox, Dacia Clay

Nat Geo WILD's Animal ER in a Houston specialty practice showcases how hard veterinarians and their teams work, how the wonders of modern medicine reach all the way to pets, and where that money from the vet bill goes. (Hint: Better medicine.)

Meet the 2017 dvm360/VHMA Practice Manager of the Year finalists

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Aug 08, 2017

By dvm360.com staff

These 10 top-notch finalists are pros at tackling veterinary practice problems. How will they inspire you?

Hospital design

5 tips from award-winning veterinary hospital owners


By dvm360.com staff

Need some veterinary hospital design inspiration and ideas? Here are five quick ideas and words of wisdom to use now or bank for your dream hospital in the future.

Is separating species in a veterinary facility too costly?


By Vicki Pollard, CVT, AIA

Smart design can keep stress low and patients at ease.

Planning on AAHA accreditation? Focus on the layout of your surgery room


By Katie James, dvm360 Associate Content Specialist

Live from the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference, architect Heather Lewis shares design tips for AAHA accreditation.