Vetcetera: Bullied by the "super-tech"

Vetcetera: Bullied by the "super-tech"

Guest host Dr. Sarah Wooten relates a real life tale of being bullied in the veterinary clinic, and shares expert advice from Sheila Grosdidier, RVT.
Mar 13, 2015

'bullies' on the job

I'd like to contribute a slightly different offering on this much talked about topic and I'm trying to choose my words carefully because this is such a sensitive area in our work environment and much can get lost and misconstrued in a short translation in print. It is my opinion that the tone or culture of a practice starts at the leadership or the apex end of a practice and it can be easy to "talk the talk" but not always easy to "walk the walk". In my experience I've found that many times the folks setting this tone have no real education in leadership outside of what life's experiences has given them. And, there are some older ideas that we still hold on to tightly. But, there are some newer thoughts, a newer movement by some very innovative people/groups out now that are all about creating a compassionate culture in veterinary as well as human medicine and these newer approaches are providing those in leadership positions improved ways of exploring why a skilled and talented employee is behaving in such a way to be labeled a bully. There are some newer thoughts on approaching this person to explore whether this is someone that should be kept on or let go. Or, better yet, different ways of preventing this in the first place. Of course, we can't make generalizations. Not every so called bully will be approachable and their toxic attitude may have to be sent down the road, but maybe, just maybe this so called bully needs exploring as to the 'why's' of her/his behavior. And, I also wonder if sometimes (maybe just sometimes) what this labeled bully needs is a hug. At the very least, it may be time to look at the leadership at the helm and ask if more education is needed. (I can see the facial expressions already so let the tomato throwing commence. It took me a bit to click 'save' but I was brave!)

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