Vaccinations: The next step

Vaccinations: The next step

Apr 01, 2013
By staff

Vaccines are one of the most critical components of any pet’s preventive wellness plan, and it’s important that pet owners know it. Follow these steps to make sure your veterinary team is prepared to promote wellness and stress the value of vaccinations.

1. Make a game plan. Do your vaccination standards of care need a careful review and update? Does your team need a refresher about why you recommend certain vaccines? It’s easier than you think to get started. Use our meeting guide to use as you prepare.

2. Get the answers you need. Now that your staff is up-to-date on vaccinations, it’s time to put your efforts into action—with clients. Pet owners want to know that their pet’s wellness plan is custom-tailored just for them, so make sure it is by asking the right questions and developing a vaccination protocol that’s perfect for their pet’s needs. The patient risk assessment tool is a great place to start gathering your information.

3. Be ready for resistance. From clients—not the diseases. No matter how prepared you and your staff are to pitch preventive care and vaccinations to your clients, you’re bound to face some reluctance. Turn to the these tips to fine-tune your communication skills when making vaccination recommendations.

4. Have fun with it. Make promoting patient wellness and preventive medicine fun for your team and your clients. Spread your message about the importance of vaccinations on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Pet owners will appreciate the helpful information and are sure to keep following your clinic for more. Our ready-to-use tweets and posts will get you started.