Spanish for Veterinarians: Performing a Physical Exam

Spanish for Veterinarians: Performing a Physical Exam

Jul 23, 2010
By staff

Take your language learning beyond ordering from a menu and asking for directions. "Spanish for Veterinarians" is a practical, self-directed, one-CE-credit course designed to prepare veterinarians and veterinary technicians to interact with their Spanish-speaking clients in a professional capacity.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

> Use basic phrases to facilitate communication with Spanish speaking clients and convey critical information.

> Use the appropriate terms to describe the anatomical locations of injuries commonly encountered in practice.

> Ask a series of questions to determine the nature and location of the presenting complaint.

> Comprehend the commonly expected responses to the physical exam and environmental history questions.

For each of the vocabulary terms introduced, you will be able to recognize the word/phrase when it is spoken by a native Spanish speaker, and be able to associate it with its meaning in English.

Dr. Regina Schoenfeld

Dr. Schoenfeld-Tacher is an assistant professor of Clinical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and Coordinator of Instructional Design for the College. She holds an Ed.M. degree in Science Education, M.A. in Educational Technology and Ph.D. in Chemical Education. More importantly she is fluent in English and Spanish. Her experience living in Mexico City has given her an understanding of the language and culture.

Dr. Schoenfeld-Tacher's teaching and research activities focus on understanding the impact of Hispanic culture on the human-animal bond and preparing animal health professionals to meet the needs of Hispanic clients and patients.

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