The social media toolkit

The social media toolkit

Articles, tips, handouts, videos and tools all designed to make it easy for your practice to engage with your clients online.
Nov 05, 2014
By staff

This dvm360 toolkit focuses on social media for your veterinary practice. The special package of articles, tips, handouts, videos and tools is designed to make it easy for your team to educate pet owners via social media.

Articles and tips
> Manage your social media in one hour per week
> Don't make these mistakes on your veterinary practice's social media feeds

Your social media tools

Ready-to-use posts and tweets
Educate your clients via social media! Check out these prewritten posts and tweets on a variety of important topics like annual exams, nutrition, behavior, dermatology and much more.

Sample policy
Use this sample policy to make sure your whole team is on the same page when it comes to marketing, interacting and engaging online.

Think social media is a waste of time? Check out this infographic to see where to find your peers and your clients.

> Social media can be a powerful business tool. Watch as Dr. Ernie Ward explains how team members are crucial to the success of the clinic's Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.
> Drs. Dave Nicol and Andy Roark are experts at applying social media in the world of veterinary medicine. Here they demonstrate the top 10 ways to blow it on social media.
> Should team members be funny on social media? It's easy to be goofy on Facebook and Twitter, but not in business, right? Actually, Dr. Andy Roark says humor fosters engagement and ultimately spreads your message.

Ready-to-use handouts
Help clients show love for your clinic via social media! Use this handout to walk them through the review-posting and sharing process.

Take action
When weighing your options when it comes to social media, don't discount YouTube. Use these easy video ideas to get started!

Talk back
Does your team do a great job with your practice's social media? We'd love to share your winning strategies with your colleagues. Did you try one of these tools? We'd love to know what your experience was like. Any other feedback? Let us know.