The puppy and kitten care toolkit

The puppy and kitten care toolkit

Articles, tips, handouts, videos and tools all designed to make it easy to discuss veterinary care for young pets with your team and clients. (With an educational grant provided by Veterinary Pet Insurance)
Aug 01, 2014
By staff

This dvm360 toolkit focuses on puppy and kitten care. The special package of articles, tips, handouts, videos and tools is designed to make it easy for your team to educate pet owners about the importance of taking good care of new pets from the get-go.

The dvm360 toolkitArticles and tips

> Counseling new puppy owners: Normal play vs. aggressive tendencies
> Catching kittens early
> Match pets with the right owners

Your puppy & kitten care tools

Audio clips
Watch as Dr. Beckman discusses clinical techniques and client communication tips.
> Creating a class act
> Right from the beginning
> All pups aren't created equal

Pet selection quiz
Help clients find good fits when they're looking for a new pet.
> Pet selection quiz: Make a match

The dvm360 social media marketing kit
Use these pre-written Facebook posts and tweets to educate your clients about puppy and kitten care and adopting a new pet.
> Puppy and kitten care
> Adopting a new pet

Practical pointers
Use these helpful instructions when pet owners ask how to housetrain their dog.
> 12 tips to train a puppy to urinate and defecate outside

Take-home tips
Improve dental care compliance with these tips for talking to clients.
> A few tips on kitten food socialization

Video corner
Help clients choose between an adult dog or cat or a puppy or kitten.
> Choosing between a young animal and an adult

Ready-to-use handouts
Use these handouts to help clients find the right pet and raise it successfully with their family.
> Is high-energy or laid back right for you?
> Raising children and pets together
> Choosing between a young animal or an adult

A free iPad module on puppy and kitten care for exam room education
If you already have the dvm360 app for iPad, make sure you downloaded the latest update. Then, inside the app, click the tab labeled "Client Education." You'll find a module from dvm360 that's designed to help facilitate conversations with clients in the exam room. Educate and entertain your clients with interactive content, videos and easy-to-process information about veterinary care for new puppies and kittens. If you don't yet have the app, download it now using your iPad. Or just search for dvm360 in the iTunes App store.

Talk back
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