The nutrition toolkit

The nutrition toolkit

Use these free tools to train your team and educate clients about nutritional care and weight management for pets.
Feb 01, 2014
By staff

This dvm360 toolkit focuses on nutrition. The special package of articles, tips, handouts, videos and tools is designed to make it easy for your team to educate pet owners about the importance of nutritional care for dogs and cats.

The dvm360 toolkitArticles and tips
> The perks of proactive feeding
> Healthy eats: Pet nutrition is a team effort
> 3 nutrition tips for diabetic pets

Your nutrition tools

Recommended resources
Kickstart your nutrition know-how with this list of websites and books to get you started in your quest for nutrition success.

The dvm360 social media marketing kit
Use these pre-written Facebook posts and tweets to educate your clients about nutrition and the importance of keeping pets in a healthy weight range. (That's right. It's social media outreach made easy!)

Keeping nutrition at the forefront of patient care is a necessity. Watch these videos for the latest information on nutrition and weight management in dogs and cats.
> Pointers on when and how to feed sick cats
> Watch what's new in veterinary nutrition

Ready-to-use handouts
Serve up these handouts as supplements to your exam room conversations with clients about pet nutrition and weight loss.
> 4 tips for weight loss in cats
> Nutrition questionnaire

Talk back
Does your team do a great job discussing the importance of good pet nutrition with clients? We'd love to share your winning strategies with your colleagues. Did you try one of these tools? We'd love to know what your experience was like. Any other feedback? Let us know.