Live from CVC 2009: Anatomy of a licensing board investigation

Apr 26, 2009
By staff

These three clips come from Doug Jack's law and ethics session "Anatomy of a licensing board investigation" at CVC East 2009 in Baltimore. And every one could keep you out of trouble.


An off-hand comment or disparaging slip of the tongue could raise a client's doubts about a colleague. And although there are times that you might have to blow the whistle, in most cases, Jack says, you would be better served by talking to your colleague about the case directly. After all, you might feel differently about what you're seeing if you had all the information.


Bad outcomes do sometimes happen. That might not necessarily mean that you didn't meet the standard of care or that you did anything wrong.



Jack uses this interesting case study that shows how critical it is not to make comments about the client in the record.