Gorillas and goats: All in a day's work

Gorillas and goats: All in a day's work

Apr 15, 2011
By dvm360.com staff

It was a hectic, diverse and rewarding first day on the job for Dr. Meredith Wainstein. Recently dvm360 Senior Editor Brendan Howard was able to chat with the Kansas City Zoo's veterinary resident following a full slate of appointments with animals ranging from a goat to a gorilla.

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Three-part blog about the zoo encounter

Immobilization and exam for Zuri the lion
Video: An ounce of prevention — examining a lion
Photo galleries of Zuri and her caretakers:
   > Meet Zuri, a 5-year-old lioness
   > Zuri's immobilization
   > Procedures performed on Zuri
   > The technicians' day
   > Dr. Meredith Wainstein's first patient as a resident

A typical day for two zoo veterinarians
Video: A typical day at the zoo hospital
Photo gallery: Tour the zoo hospital
Video: Gorillas and goats — all in a day's work

Practicing high-quality medicine
Video: Preventive medicine at the zoo
Video: Technical innovations benefit zoo animals

Challenges at the zoo
Video: The challenges of practicing veterinary medicine in a zoo
Video: The most difficult animal

All animals treated equally
Video: Chicken vs. elephant
Video: Not playing favorites
Video: Special patients

Communication strategies
Video: Easy team communication — take a cue from this zoo tech
Video: Communication and zookeepers as clients

The economy's effects
Video: Effects of the Great Recession on the zoo
Video: Fundraising for the zoo

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