Farrowing Management/Neonatal Piglet Enteric Diseases

Farrowing Management/Neonatal Piglet Enteric Diseases

Jul 22, 2010
By dvm360.com staff

At the end of this module, practitioners should be able to:

> Describe the different stages of swine production

> Describe common disease flow patterns in farrow-to-finish operations

> Describe an SPF operation and the purpose of developing SPF biosecurity protocols

> List 3 current food safety issues for the swine industry

> Describe the signs of impending farrowing and the expected events of a normal farrowing

> Describe the pathogenesis of secretory, malabsorptive, and inflammatory diarrhea

> Describe the clinical signs of, diagnostic tests for, and treatment for the common diarrheal diseases of newborn pigs

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