The exotic pet care toolkit

The exotic pet care toolkit

Whether your practice sees exotic pets or you field a phone call every now and then, arm your team to educate clients on exotic pet care using these tools.
Apr 30, 2015
By staff

This dvm360 toolkit gives you the tools you (and your team!) need to be the ultimate resource for clients with exotic pets.

This special package of articles, tips, handouts, videos and tools is designed to make it easy for your team to educate exotic pet owners and make sure they deliver the care these special pets require.

Articles and tips
> 6 tips for your clients with backyard chickens
> How-to: Create a tourniquet for exotic patients
> The exotic pet technician's role: Why specializing matters

I'm ready to work on exotics! Now ... where do I start?
> Use this primer on exotic pet care to make sure you have the equipment, education and fee structure to make seeing exotic pets a worthwhile, rewarding and profitable endeavor for your practice. Avian and exotics veterinarian Dr. Laurie Hess shares her tried-and-true methods.

> Exotic pets: What's to know? Well, whether you treat exotic pets or refer cases, it's likely you'll face a question or two. When you're facing that rat with a strange lump, be prepared—use the tips from Dr. Lori Corriveau to avoid common pitfalls with the unexpected exotic patient.
> Backyard poultry is gaining in popularity and avian veterinarians aren't the only ones seeing more of these species in their practices. Follow this advice from Eric Klaphake, DVM, DACVM, DABVP to expand your expertise in this area of avian medicine.

Ready-to-use handouts
dvm360 has a brand new exotic pet care handout section! Here you'll find handouts on topics ranging from:
> Welcoming a new bird home
> Choosing the best cage for your bird
> My bird won't stop feather picking
> Choosing a healthy rabbit
> Play and exercise for your rabbit
> Pain in rabbits
> Types of play and exercise for ferrets
> Why choose ferrets as pets?
> Internal and external parasite infections in ferrets

BONUS: Dip your toes in the exotic pet care pool with this boarding strategy
You can board exotic pets for better business! Even if you don't normally offer exotic pet care, you can offer your clients a reliable caretaker for their precious pets. Use the tips here.

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