The dvm360 heartworm prevention toolkit

The dvm360 heartworm prevention toolkit

Heartworm prevention is crucial to pets' health—now if only your veterinary clients could remember to give it to them. Here's an arsenal of tools to streamline your heartworm recommendations, stay up-to-date on the latest research and increase client compliance. (With an educational grant provided by Ceva)
Mar 02, 2017
By staff


Heartworm prevention is one of the bedrocks of your practice's parasite prevention protocol. Now, if only you could get your clients to remember to give it to their pets, right? What if you had a whole arsenal of tools at your fingertips to help increase client compliance, stay up to date on the latest information and standardize your recommendations across the team? Look no further, friend—here's your heartworm prevention toolkit.


The latest research
> New research cited in support of change to heartworm protocol

> How to stop breeding resistant heartworms

> Arm yourself against mosquito vectors

> Suspicious of heartworm preventive resistance? Here's how to put it to the test.

> The questionable zero mosquito factor (because even areas with fewer mosquitoes can be hotbeds of heartworm infection)


Better recommendations
> Heartworm prevention: "Oops! I missed a dose!"

> The reminder quagmire: Why and how not to let clients skip a dose again

> Why aren't you talking about feline heartworms?! 

> Answers to 3 common price questions about parasite preventives 


Better client compliance
> Handout: Have a heart! How to protect your pet from heartworms
> Handout: 4 reasons why your dog needs a yearly heartworm test
> Heartworm disease: Do your clients understand the risk?
> 7 fun (and not so fun) facts about mosquitoes

Dog in a box: Battle boredom with comfortable quiet time
> Here's how to help dogs (and their owners) survive confinement during treatment for heartworm disease


More heartworm disease tools

> Q&A: What if my client won't agree to CAPC-based treatment of infection?
> Symbiosis in parasitology: Heartworm recommendations updated
> Feline heartworm disease: Why you should be screening for it

Take-action tips
> Getting exam room questions right
> Idea exchange: Smart reminders for heartworm prevention

Posts and tweets
Halt feline heartworms with these tips for clients

iPad tools
"But my cat doesn't go outside!" Help clients understand feline heartworm disease with this client module. If you already have the dvm360 app for iPad, make sure you downloaded the latest update. Then, inside the app, click the tab labeled "Client Education." You'll find a module from dvm360 that's designed to help facilitate conversations with clients in the exam room. Educate and entertain your clients with interactive quizzes, videos and easy-to-process information about heartworm disease in pets. If you don't yet have the app, download it now using your iPad. Or just search for dvm360 in the iTunes App store.

Sample client education script
Prep your team members to discuss heartworm disease and stress the importance of preventives with this script and role-play exercise.
> Communicating protocols to unhappy cilents
> Sample script: Getting to the heart of the conversation

Team meeting tool
Use these tips to teach your veterinary team to talk about the latest heartworm news with pet owners.

Clinic poster
Use this informational poster to remind clients about the cost of prevention over treatment.
> Change the conversation about heartworm prevention

Ready-to-use handouts
Take advantage of these handouts to reinforce your message about heartworm disease. Just click, print and hand to pet owners.
> The heartworm life cycle
> Parasite prevention for the indoor-only cat
> How heartworm disease hurts cats
> Busted! 11 myths about feline heartworm disease
> Don't gamble with heartworm disease

> Heartworm disease in cats: A video update
> Heartworm's little friend: How eliminating Wolbachia affects treatment outcome
> Heartworm negative? Are you sure?
> Checking for heartworm disease

More articles and tips
> An argument for year-round heartworm prevention in dogs
> CAPC changes heartworm guidelines due to evidence of resistance
> Tough talk: Have heartfelt heartworm discussions
> Strategy: Getting clients on board with feline heartworm preventive
> Spread heartworm awareness with client games

More from the dvm360 social media marketing kit for heartworm disease
Use these pre-written Facebook posts and tweets to educate your clients about heartworm disease and the importance of year-round prevention. (That's right. It's social media outreach made easy!)

Talk back
Does your team do a great job discussing the importance of heartworm prevention with pet owners? We'd love to share your winning strategies with your colleagues. Did you try one of these tools? We'd love to know what your experience was like. Any other feedback? Let us know.