The dermatology toolkit

The dermatology toolkit

Your clients have a million questions when it comes to their pets' skin. So does your team. And we're betting you've wondered about a few cases yourself. Well, wonder no more—ditch the itch with these tools. (With an educational grant provided by Elanco)
Sep 30, 2015
By staff

Licking, itching, scratching, biting, head-shaking, red-hot sore spots ... dermatology cases are beyond uncomfortable for the pet, the owner and often, the veterinary team. They can be confounding and frustrating for everyone (not to mention, every pet) involved. But here at dvm360, we're trying to change things up by encouraging you to approach your dermatology cases armed with all the tools you might need to bring about sweet relief from all that scratching.

Check out the long list of tools below designed to help you and your team educate pet owners about the importance of recognizing skin and ear conditions in pets.  

First up—articles and tips
Are you making these common mistakes in your dermatology workups? Find out.
Why it's so freaking important to take a complete dermatologic history.
Get to the bottom of feline facial dermatitis.
Treating otitis—here are 3 expert tips from Dr. Craig Griffin.
A super-important breakthrough for allergic patients? Sublingual immunotherapy.

Audio and video tools
> Key history findings that point to canine atopy
> Using a toothbrush to gather dermatologic samples
> Should you stop recommending that clients clean their dogs' ears prophylactically?
> An essential question veterinarians should ask for itchy pets
> Canine demodectic mange: A few treatment provisos
> Mite matters: Diagnostic and treatment tips for canine demodectic mange
> Trippingly under the tongue: The benefits of sublingual immunotherapy

For the team
> Top 5 dermatology questions clients ask technicians
> 3 steps to ease itchy ears in your veterinary patients

Handouts! Handouts! Client handouts!
> Speed up dermatology examinations by answering these five questions
4 things to know about a pet's skin issues
> Understanding sores on pets' skin
> What's with the lick?
> Oh, the miserable itch

Get social
Understanding the ear itch: Posts and tweets explaining otitis

Even more great tools below...

Articles and tips

Helpful hints for the successful veterinary treatment of canine atopy
> CVC Highlight: Relieving the itch and pain of ear infections
Doing right by dermatology patients
Dermatology: Top questions technicians ask about diagnostic testing
Idea Exchange: Easier ear medication distribution

Use these pre-written Facebook posts and tweets about otitis externa to help clients understand what could be causing their pet's head-shaking and ear-scratching. (That's right. It's social media outreach made easy!)

Image quiz 
What's causing this dog's repetitive lacerations? Test your clinical skills by reviewing the images and making the diagnosis.

Fragile, hyperextensible skin in a dog

Video corner

Watch and listen to expert advice on diagnostic steps and treatment strategies for common skin diseases.

Mimics for autoimmune skin diseases

A golden retriever's surprising diagnosis

Diagnosing fungal skin disease

Team tactics

Make sure each member of your team is prepared to help clients with their pets' skin conditions.

Allergy testing: What's each team member's role?

Sample script

Keep clients from sabotaging their pet's food trial by explaining the importance of at-home compliance.

Help clients complete a diet trial

Ready-to-use handouts

Take advantage of these handouts to reinforce your message to clients about caring for their pets' common skin problems.

Get a handle on hot spots 

What to do for my dog's itchy, sore ears? 

Answers to your most burning questions on ear and skin infections

More dermatology tools ...

Articles and tips

How to perform and interpret dermatophyte cultures

Image Quiz: A bulldog with erythematous plaques

Image Quiz: A pit bull with bullous lesions

Image Quiz: The case of the crusty cat

Image Quiz: The case of the blind Akita

"Gross" dermatology images educate clients

The dvm360 social media marketing kit for dermatology

Facebook posts and tweets

Video clips

Client education for dermatology diagnoses

Keys to a great dermatology visit

Sample script

Top dermatology questions clients ask technicians

Ready-to-use handouts

Ask good questions to get better answers

Environmental control of infectious disease

The facts about pemphigus foliaceus 

At-home tips for diet trials

Communication tips for techs

Dermatology dos and don'ts

Take the next step

Use these four strategies to properly manage dermatology issues in practice.