Demystifying OSHA: Safety Officer and Team Training

Apr 12, 2013
By staff

Regulatory compliance and safety courses - Demystifying OSHA: Team Training and Demystifying OSHA: Training for Managers and Safety Officers. These courses are designed as a bundle for the training of a specific practice Safety Officer and the designated safety team. Each course is available via open registration allowing students to register at any time. Each course is also asynchronous allowing completion of the course when the student is ready, with up to 8 weeks to complete the online manual and assignment components. These courses are written and instructed by Chery Kendrick, DVM, MPVM (zoonotics), ASCP, MLT, a leading expert in the field. Kendrick will instruct, mentor, and guide students through the process of training and creating a personalized/customizable practice safety manual. Course cost for the Safety Officer portion includes the training of the safety team. (20 CE credits)

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