Up-to-date data about U.S. veterinary practices

Up-to-date data about U.S. veterinary practices

dvm360 shares key performance indicators from veterinary practices in partnership with Sikka Software.
Mar 28, 2014
By dvm360.com staff

Your veterinary practice's business performance affects everything from doctor and team pay to the level of medical care you can provide and the investment in medical equipment you can make. Now Veterinary Economics is partnering with Sikka Software to help you track trends in practice performance with real-time data on dvm360.com relating to key veterinary performance indicators, including:

> New patients per month

> New clients per month

> Monthly total revenue

> Average charge per transaction/invoice

> Number of patients undergoing anesthesia in a month

> Number of urine/fecal tests per month

> Number of cases per month with gastrointestinal diagnoses

> Number of cases per month with neurological diagnoses

> Number of cases per month with urological diagnoses

> Number of cases per month with cardiac and respiratory diagnoses

These benchmarks are developed through comprehensive analysis of data gathered in real time from more than 700 practices. Outliers are eliminated to increase relevance and data confidence. Sikka reports the data by practice, rather than by doctor or provider. The average practice included in the data set employs 2.4 full-time-equivalent doctors.

Sikka Software also offers a free downloadable tool, the Veterinary Practice Monitor. This software integrates with major practice management systems to show key performance indicators on how your hospital is performing. You can also purchase Sikka Software's more advanced solution, the Practice Optimizer, which includes a proprietary fee-schedule optimizing tool. We hope this easy access to key industry statistics will increase efficiency and revenue for veterinary healthcare providers and create opportunities for veterinary teams to optimize medical care and fine-tune practice performance.