Critical skills for graduating veterinarians

Critical skills for graduating veterinarians

Mar 01, 2011
By staff

Over the last year, more than 200 stakeholders have been discussing the ways the veterinary education system may need to adapt to serve society's needs over the next 25 years. NAVMEC, or the North American Veterinary Medical Education Consortium, recently released its draft report giving recommendations on possible changes.

The topics covered range from how to ensure an economically viable education system to what skills new veterinarians need to graduate "career ready."

At Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, dvm360 Content Director Marnette Falley caught up with Dr. Michael Chaddock, AAVMC deputy director, to talk about the core competencies the report highlights for graduating veterinarians and about how he imagines recommendations about core competencies could play out across veterinary school admissions and curricula.

The comment period has been extended to May 1. So you can still weigh in! Click here to read the report and then submit your feedback on the recommendations.

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