The client compliance toolkit

The client compliance toolkit

Use these top tools to ensure your practice's client compliance.
Dec 03, 2014
By staff

In 2014 the dvm360 toolkits brought you and your team a number of tips, tools and ideas on a great many wellness topics affecting pets and their owners. Here, we round up the best of the best to create a special package of tools that keep pets healthy and clients informed—starting with 13 ways to increase client compliance.

Pet owner handouts:
> Understanding tick life cycles
> Myths about Lyme disease
... and many more tick control tools.

Conversation tree:
> Tips to discuss chronic pain management with clients
... and many more pain prevention tools.

Sample script:
> What to say to help clients complete a diet trial
... and many more dermatology tools.

> Give clients the facts about flea allergy dermatitis
... and many more flea control tools.

Structured planning:
> A how-to chart to brush up your practice's dental compliance campaign
... and many more dental care tools.

Social media:
> Posts and tweets about the best puppy and kitten care
... and many more puppy-kitten care tools.

Talk back
Does your team do a great job with client compliance? We'd love to share your winning strategies with your colleagues. Did you try one of these tools? We'd love to know what your experience was like. Any other feedback? Let us know.