Cannabidiol advice for veterinary clients and practitioners

Cannabidiol advice for veterinary clients and practitioners

People want to know about hemp-based products for pets.
Oct 06, 2017

If your clients are asking about the use of cannabis-based products for treatment of patients in your veterinary practice, Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Michael Petty, DVM, CVPP, CVMA, CCRT, CAAPM, has some input. He says that although there's little research to back cannabidiols' efficacy, the anecdotal evidence is encouraging.

"It's probably safe to use, it remains to be seen how effective it is, so probably nothing to lose," he says.

Dr. Petty adds that though there's currently a DEA moratorium on the prosecution of parties dispensing such products, practitioners should stay alert as regulations could change rapidly. Dr. Sarah Wooten reports.



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