Watch out for emotional danger signals in your veterinary colleagues

Watch out for emotional danger signals in your veterinary colleagues

Learn the signs of burnout, compassion fatigue and depression—and take care of each other in your clinic.
May 20, 2015

Long hours in the high-stress atmosphere of a veterinary clinic can contribute to disorders both physical and mental. Consultant Shawn McVey, MA, MSW, of McVey Management Solutions in Austin, Texas—who also happens to be a licensed psychotherapist—is here to outline several possible manifestations of emotional distress in veterinary professionals.

Recognize burnout in your veterinary colleagues
When unprecedented professional stress derails a beloved career, one result can be burnout. Here is what burnout looks and sounds like, along with advice on how to approach someone who may be experiencing this difficulty.

Look into the face of compassion fatigue
Is a normally trusted coworker exhibiting puzzling behavior in delicate professional situations? This could be indicative of compassion fatigue. Listen as McVey describes how to spot this malady.

Keep your eyes open for signs of clinical depression
Someone with true signs of clinical depression may seem like the very caricature of a “depressed person,” but they shouldn't be ignored. Here McVey characterizes how a coworker who is clinically depressed might interact with staff and patients in the clinic.

Re-engagement and the emergence of suicidal thoughts
Finally, McVey says it's important to remember the continuum of mental health. A person who is harboring suicidal thoughts may appear to be "getting better" after a period of perceived depression. Listen as he summarizes.

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