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Vetted: VetEc + VetMed, shaken not stirred

How I get out (of my own head)

VETTED - Feb 07, 2018

As an introvert, here’s how I’ve learned to extrovert and cope to thrive in a career in vet med.

Teach your veterinary clients 'the hand test'

VETTED - Jan 31, 2018

Dr. Sarah Wooten is here to help make body condition score easy for your clients to understand.

Client handout: Don’t use your dog’s flea and tick medication on your cat!

VETTED - Jan 31, 2018

Sharing isn’t always caring—especially when it can harm your patients that purr. Educate your veterinary clients on the dangers posed by permethrin with this free handout.

What M.A.S.H. taught me about being a veterinarian

FIRSTLINE - Jan 24, 2018

These are the lessons I learned from the TV show M.A.S.H. that help me at work and at home.

Not another shedding question …

VETTED - Jan 16, 2018

You know shedding is normal, but your veterinary clients (who are likely covered in dog or cat hair) may not. Here’s how to handle concerns about “excessive” shedding.

Reaching for declaw alternatives? Four products to recommend

VETTED - Jan 11, 2018

Miss Kitty would love these options for curbing her destructive scratching in the house.

Breaking news

CEO Wayne Pacelle resigns from HSUS amid allegations of sexual misconduct

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 20, 2018

By Rachael Zimlich

Ambiguous results of initial investigation prompt resignations from board; long-term fallout for animal welfare organization still unclear.

Merck study: Veterinarians have normal mental health but poor well-being

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 16, 2018

By Kristi Reimer Fender, News Channel Director

Just 41 percent would recommend the profession to a friend or family member; financial stress is a serious concern.

Click here for statewide alerts on infectious disease outbreaks in horses

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 15, 2018

By Jennifer Gaumnitz, Senior Content Specialist

This easy-to-use online tool keeps you current on equine infectious disease cases occurring in your state.

Clinical updates

On the fence about embracing the AAFP's Cat Friendly Practice Program?


By dvm360.com staff

The results of a recent survey show how veterinary practices that have been there, done cat, have reaped benefits.

A pernicious triad: Arthritis, obesity and chronic pain


By Jennifer Gaumnitz, Senior Content Specialist

Each of these health problems causes harm in its own way, and it's not unusual for veterinary patients to present with all three. Dr. Tara Edwards says early detection and intervention and a multimodal management strategy are keys to taming this tangled trio.

Shelter Snapshot: Playing the name game

Feb 14, 2018

By Brian A. DiGangi, DVM, MS, DABVP (canine & feline practice, shelter medicine practice)

Shakespeare told us that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but is that true for animal shelters? Find out what a shelter's name or its descriptors tell us about its services and the animals that it helps.

Practice life and business

No filter: Open letters to the self-branded ‘b’-word

VETTED - Feb 16, 2018

By Hannah Wagle, Assistant Content Specialist, Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM, Sarah J. Wooten, DVM, Karen Bradley, DVM

To the women in the veterinary profession who’ve been led to believe they’re bitches for being assertive: It’s time to change that.

Your Veterinary Voice, Episode 17: Meet Marty Becker, DVM

dvm360.com - Feb 16, 2018

By Marty Becker, DVM, Brendan Howard, Business Channel Director, Troy Van Horn

He's a TV star, architect of Fear Free practice and a plain old practitioner. Come along and get to know this one-of-a-kind personality.

2 retirement plans for veterinary hospitals


By Gary I. Glassman, CPA

The choice of your practice's retirement plan is a big deal not only for the staff, but for the employer as well, says Gary Glassman, CPA.

Teamwork and communication

Psst … Here’s the buzz on your ‘no gossiping’ policy

FIRSTLINE - Feb 15, 2018

By Katie Adams, CVPM

Could your veterinary practice’s gossip policy get you in hot water with the National Labor Relations Board? Maybe.

Big changes coming to your veterinary practice? Engage the team first

FIRSTLINE - Feb 14, 2018

By Danielle Russ, BS, BA, AS, LVT

Collaboration will ensure smooth implementation—and you'll pick up important information.

Conversation tree: When the client says, "I can't afford that"

FIRSTLINE - Feb 13, 2018

By dvm360.com staff

Check out this advice for how to respond to pet owners who say they can't pay for their pet's veterinary care.

Photo packages

Silent shouts: Confessions on sexual assault

VETTED - Feb 12, 2018

By Hannah Wagle, Assistant Content Specialist

Veterinary professionals share their experiences with sexual assault.

5 signs the pet food might be sketchy

FIRSTLINE - Feb 12, 2018

By Portia Stewart, Editor, Team Channel Director

When you're evaluating the quality of a veterinary patient's diet, consider these warning signs.

How I get out (of my own head)

VETTED - Feb 07, 2018

By Matthew Brunke, DVM, CCRP, CVPP, CVA

As an introvert, here’s how I’ve learned to extrovert and cope to thrive in a career in vet med.

Hospital design

Introducing HospitalDesign360, a new design conference experience!


By Katie James, dvm360 Associate Content Specialist

The former Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference and Competition now have a new look and feel for 2018 and beyond.

Vote now for the 2018 Hospital Design Competition People's Choice award


By Katie James, dvm360 Associate Content Specialist, Hannah Wagle, Assistant Content Specialist

Only you can choose the People's Choice champion. But hurry—voting ends March 31.

Building small? Don't shrink yourself into a corner


By Dan Chapel, AIA, NCARB

Veterinary architect Dan Chapel has squeezed a practice into a Winnebago but ultimately says that the size of your hospital should be driven by what you want to accomplish inside.