Zoetis designates August as Itchy Pet Awareness Month

August 11, 2020
dvm360 Staff

The company has launched a new campaign to increase awareness about dermatologic conditions and prompt conversations between veterinary practices and clients.

According to the most recent data from Nationwide, skin allergies, ear infections, noncancerous skin masses, and skin infections constitute the top four reasons for canine veterinary visits. To raise public awareness about skin problems and encourage conversations between veterinarians and their clients about canine skin care, Zoetis has named August Itchy Pet Awareness Month.

The campaign also includes a practice toolkit — complete with posters, emails, social media posts, and more — to help veterinarians start the itch conversations with their clients, as well as a website (itchingforhelp.com) to help owners discern whether their pet’s itching is normal or signals a problem.

Zoetis believes that engaging with clients in candid conversations about skin concerns is key to alleviating pet discomfort and owner dismay, because long-term solutions are available for most dogs.

“At Zoetis, we want all itchy dogs to get the help and relief they deserve. We are committed to innovative dermatology solutions, so veterinarians can restore the quality of life of dogs with allergic dermatitis long-term and build a strong ongoing relationship with their owners,” said Andrew Hillier, BVSc, MANZCVS (Canine Medicine), DACVD, associate director of dermatology medical strategy and medical lead for veterinary specialty operations at Zoetis, in this press release. “Itchy Pet Awareness Month will encourage more conversations and create more opportunity for dogs to be relieved from problematic itch behavior and get back to normal again,” he added.