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Nexus – means a connection between members of a group; the core; a link or bond to a connected group.

Nexus Veterinary Specialists is a multi-specialty hospital located in the Brewer’s Hill area of Baltimore Maryland. Founded by Dr. David Dycus and Dr. Brian Beale, both of whom are industry leading orthopedic surgeons. They saw the need to offer the best veterinary specialized care while also training both general veterinarians and upcoming specialists. We have the mission and vision of leading the evolution of patient-centered specialty and emergency care by collaborating with and empowering the veterinary community with new ideas and techniques, leading cutting edge industry research, and cherishing the sacred bond between animal loving families, the veterinary community and the Nexus family.

We seek to employee and empower “outside the box” thinkers who are leaders in their respective fields so we can continue to elevate veterinary care through clinical medicine, providing continuing education, training the next generation of veterinarians, and conducting research.

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