Vetted July 2019

My advice to me (or, what I wish I knew before starting practice)

May 09, 2019

You are never fully prepared when you leave veterinary school and enter the real world of practice. In the spirit of camaraderie, Dr. Detweiler offers up some wise and practical advice for new graduates about to embark on their professional journey.

Should veterinary clinics 'pay to play' on social media?

April 19, 2019

The days of Google's reliance on 'organic search'the number of times folks link to your website and how often people search for youcould be a thing of the past. The internet giant wants your advertising budget now.

Medical mistakes: Just dont do it isnt a sustainable strategy

April 17, 2019

One mistake can make you put so many obstacles in your path to avoid doing so again that you cant move forwardor worse, decide its best to leave the veterinary profession altogether. As one veterinary professional to another, lets band together to stop this from happening!