Vetted December 2019

Im always messing this up! Does your veterinary team suffer from non-stop self-blame?

November 21, 2019

We live in a hypercritical society. And veterinary professionals are usually first in line to blame themselves for all kinds of things, mistakes or not. But If youre so busy reassuring your veterinary clinic employees that youre negating performance issues entirely, you need these tips.

Bad behavior? The pet may be in pain

November 08, 2019

Medical etiologies, including pain, must always be considered as differential diagnoses for behavior problems with veterinary patients, especially with a sudden change or exacerbation of a previously stable behavior. Heres what to watch out for as well as three cases where pain was the culprit.

Can pain relief help modulate the behavior of pets tumors?

November 08, 2019

The American opioid epidemic continues, and as new, non-narcotic analgesics are developed, we owe it to pets (and people!) suffering from cancer to manage and relieve acute and chronic pain. But perhaps also, argues Dr. Mike Nolan, because some studies show a connection between pain relief and the behavior of tumors in a manner that improves survivorship.