Infectious Diseases

Rabies laws: What you need to know

Veterinarians have an essential role in protecting public health through rabies vaccination, but laws surrounding rabies vaccination and exposure vary across the United States. Here’s what to know.

News wrap-up: Feline neutering, drug DISCO, rabies, and more

Top headlines of the week: State VMAs endorse Feline Fix by Five Months, rabies update, drug DISCO, and The Vet Blast Podcast with guest Steve Dale.

Rabies: Making a dent in a deadly global problem

Rabies is the deadliest zoonotic disease, yet somehow it is also neglected. Learn how two organizations are giving the virus the attention it deserves—even as the world focuses on a certain other virus.

Spike in parvovirus cases may be related to COVID-19

BluePearl is investigating the reasons behind a 70% increase in parvovirus cases seen in its hospitals in recent months.

How PPP is helping fund the veterinary profession

Data about Paycheck Protection Program use among practices, advice for borrowers, and a look at what’s ahead.

Why are there so many different models for COVID-19?

Well-known British statistician George Box famously said all models are wrong, but some are useful. Here’s what he meant — and why you may find disease modeling for the novel coronavirus so confusing.