Infectious Diseases

Spike in parvovirus cases may be related to COVID-19

BluePearl is investigating the reasons behind a 70% increase in parvovirus cases seen in its hospitals in recent months.

How PPP is helping fund the veterinary profession

Data about Paycheck Protection Program use among practices, advice for borrowers, and a look at what’s ahead.

Why are there so many different models for COVID-19?

Well-known British statistician George Box famously said all models are wrong, but some are useful. Here’s what he meant — and why you may find disease modeling for the novel coronavirus so confusing.

Can dogs be used to screen for COVID-19?

Several studies in the U.S. and Europe are exploring the canine nose as a potential surveillance system for the novel coronavirus.

Colorado squirrel tests positive for bubonic plague

The risk for contracting this infectious disease, which in the United States occurs primarily in the West, is extremely low when precautions are taken.