Infectious Diseases

Midwestern Pet Foods issues voluntary recall due to potential Salmonella contamination

Earlier this year, the company issued a major international recall after hundreds of dogs became ill or died due to aflatoxin poisoning.

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Cats: From darling to doormat and back again

Cats come with caveats, both real and misconceived. But a new generation of pet owners seems determined to understand cats—and enrich their lives like never before.

Parasites are playing in America’s dog parks

Research reveals there may be worse things lurking in your local dog park than inattentive pet owners: namely, intestinal parasites and lots of them. Learn what this means for your veterinary practice and neighborhood.

Equine influenza virus: a brief review

Although usually not fatal, this devastating respiratory virus causes substantial economic loss and performance impairment.

Veterinary innovation is saving the world

The COVID-19 vaccine, and the speed at which it was developed, is the medical breakthrough of our lifetimes.