Exotic Animal Medicine

Hatching poultry services in your veterinary practice

Companion animal practitioners can take poultry under their wing by incorporating into their practice medical care for these birds and by counseling clients on proper fowl husbandry.

Bronx Zoo tiger tests positive for COVID-19

A small group of big cats in New York appears to have been infected with the novel coronavirus by an asymptomatic zoo employee. Here’s what happened—and what it means for cat owners.

'Frozen' iguanas dropping from trees in the Sunshine State

Iguanas are falling from the trees in South Florida, and unusually cold weather is to blame.

ACVC 2019: Are there anesthesia monitoring differences between exotics and companion animals?

Veterinary anesthetist Stephen Cital explains why anesthesia monitoring for exotic animals should be the same as for dogs and cats.

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Dr. Matthew Edson discusses the growing popularity of backyard chickens.

ACVC 2019: What are some backyard chicken housing requirements?

Dr. Edson shares a few things you should know before seeing livestock at your practice.