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BNP testing in cats with suspected cardiomyopathy
This modality provides "a great window" into the search for heart disease, says Dr. Bonnie Lefbom.
Making sense of pets' senses in veterinary hospital design
Patients' perceptions are vastly different from our own—an important consideration when building a hospital.
Dolly's arthritis: Veterinary laser therapy application near and far
A rehab specialist shares a real-world case where the modality, conducted in concert with the referring practice, made a difference.
Have the time of your life—in vet med
Fetch dvm360 conference speakers want you to remember how much you love learning.
Research update: Earlier age at spay/neuter a risk factor in obesity and orthopedic injuries
Epidemiologist Dr. Missy Simpson shares the first prospective research from the Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.


Why so many terms for veterinary technician?
Veterinary Nurse Initiative aims to streamline, unify professional designation.
Polished concrete in the veterinary clinic—yes or no?
A shiny new insight (see what we did there?) on flooring from HospitalDesign360 conference speaker Dan Chapel.
Clinical bioethics meets Fear Free veterinary care
Tenets from human medicine apply in your practice.
Let natural light into your veterinary clinic's treatment area
Sunlight is good for the patients and the staff. But it's tricky to get it to the entire hospital. Listen to an architect's solutions.
'One Spay More': a revolutionary final project
Creative veterinary students go all in on a must-see Les Miserables parody.


How to: Up your anesthesia game as a veterinary technician
An original Veterinary Anesthesia Nerd says 'that's just the way we've always done it' is a bad basis for anesthetic protocols.
Warning to any bee hobbyist veterinary clients: Bee populations affect each other
In an effort to help sustain bee populations, buzz buffs could unintentionally do harm since these social insects can transmit disease with devastating results.
Cost estimating will save headaches later on
Help your veterinary construction project stay on point and on budget with this critical assistant.
Veterinary receptionists: Keep client minds on science
You're often the gateway to the clinic, so keep clients focused on DVMs' expertise from the get-go when discussing parasite control.
Veterinarians and technicians: Team up to treat behavior issues
You don't have to know everything! When you play to each other's strengths, you can ease pets' fears more effectively.