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Veterinary laser skeptics—see the light
Find out why veterinary sports medicine and rehab specialist Dr. Matthew Brunke became a believer.
Why do some DVMs push back on Fear Free?
Dr. Kathryn Primm sees an aversion to the moniker if not the medicine
The dynamic veterinary clinic: Face the changes
Dr. Andy Roark and his trusty sidekick Meg Pierson walk us through why change is difficult and how to handle it. Also side-swoop bangs and Bowie. Ehh ... just watch the video.
Change is wonderful. Change sucks. Keep on innovating at your veterinary practice
Sure, you could keep things the same forever—and become irrelevant to your clients and patients.
Helping to build a hero: Working with working dogs
Fetch dvm360 conference in San Diego afforded attendees a chance to see fire department dogs in action—and learn key tips to care for these extra special veterinary patients.


The parasite picture: An update on ticks
"Tick populations seem to be ever-moving, ever-increasing," says veterinary parasitologist Dr. Richard Gerhold.
How is Fear Free affecting veterinary hospital design?
Listen to how veterinary architect Heather Lewis thinks the approach is reformulating facility design.
Boost cat visits at your veterinary practice with Fear Free
Patient and pet deserve a better experience—and it will pay off in increased cat traffic.
Do I have to offer boarding at my veterinary clinic? Does it have to be luxury?
If your business is in order and your clients are receptive, boarding can be a great supplemental offering, this architect says.
The magic management formula for getting stuff done at your veterinary clinic
Burn through your to-do list the right way with these easy steps from Dr. Dave Nicol.


What you don’t know about starting a veterinary practice can kill you
Are you committed to launching a practice? Dr. Karen Felsted has some advice that just might save you.
Mu opioids: The key to safe ER analgesia
Emergency, critical and trauma patients benefit greatly from these pain medications, says criticalist Dr. Garret Pachtinger.
Customize your veterinary clientele through marketing—and soul searching
Dr. Kathryn Primm says you can get the clients you want and only the clients you want.
Mat training a dog
Take the mystery out of sitting.
Control your veterinary construction project budget
Our architect says keep your eye on the prize and wind up with what you want.