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Help your team learn to love the ledger
With a better understanding of how day-to-day activities contribute to the bottom line, your veterinary team can become your best ally in improving practice finances.
Worried about your veterinary practice's online reputation? Manage it
Use your clients' device dependency to your advantage.
4 Fear Free tips for every veterinary hospital
Set up good vibes for your patients (and their owners) in a hurry.
The weight of euthanasia baggage
Dr. Dave Nicol wonders if veterinarians' unique proximity to death is related to the profession's disproportionate suicide rate.
Big changes coming to your veterinary practice? Engage the team first
Collaboration will ensure smooth implementation—and you'll pick up important information.


2 retirement plans for veterinary hospitals
The choice of your practice's retirement plan is a big deal not only for the staff, but for the employer as well, says Gary Glassman, CPA.
3 updates in feline anesthesia and analgesia
Veterinary medicine has come a long way in caring for its purring patients recently, including new drugs and a different approach to fluid therapy.
Teach your veterinary clients 'the hand test'
Dr. Sarah Wooten is here to help make body condition score easy for your clients to understand.
Building small? Don't shrink yourself into a corner
Veterinary architect Dan Chapel has squeezed a practice into a Winnebago but ultimately says that the size of your hospital should be driven by what you want to accomplish inside.
Pain relief reminder for veterinarians
"NSAIDs really are wonderful things," says specialist Dr. Matthew Brunke.


Stop sabotaging your veterinary team members
Revisit the status quo and get your practice procedures dialed in.
Osteoarthritis management update
Veterinarians should recognize that treatment now comes in many forms, says Dr. David Dycus.
They didn't teach us emotional intelligence in veterinary school
Dealing with co-workers can be as stressful as handling patients, says this vet tech.
Think like a cat owner
Get this right and you will build the bond with these discerning veterinary clients.
Veterinarians: Unplug from the Matrix now
Dr. Dave Nicol says your quality of life is being compromised.