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Veterinary radiology update: mixing modalities with fusion
Blending imaging techniques such as CT and ultrasound in real time provides unprecedented perspectives of patients.
Veterinarians: Ease cats' stress in critical situations
"Work with the cat as opposed to against the cat," this veterinary specialist says.
The evolving veterinary reception area
Flex that space for the benefit of clinic and clients.
Update on elimination outside the litter box
Marking behavior isn't the problem it once was, says veterinary specialist.
How to: Get great veterinary video in 4 easy steps
Up your internet game with these multimedia moves.


Check that chip
Microchips are great for locating lost pets, but if your veterinary practice placed one a few years ago, are you sure it’s still working?
Keep your veterinary clinic colors easy to update
Plan ahead and make color splashes with more easily revamped decorative elements.
American foulbrood: A threat to honeybee populations
The bacterial disease is widely contagious and can kill entire hives.
Veterinary orthopedic wisdom: Keep 'em moving
Or: How can 19th century human medicine influence modern veterinary thinking?
Too much discounting going on? Time to run this report
Let your veterinary practice software sleuth out this possible money leak.


I own the building—how much rent do I pay myself?
When you're the veterinary practice owner and the landlord.
Rise and shake: Canine pain indicators
Watch for these signals dogs might be giving in the veterinary clinic.
Do YOU know your worst payroll months?
There are two periods lying in wait to sting your veterinary clinic’s coffers.
A test for self-awareness
At Fetch dvm360 conference, Dr. Betsy Charles uses radiology to help veterinarians reflect on their feelings and experience in veterinary practice.
Know yourself and be a better leader
Stop the self-sabotage and guide the veterinary clinic from a position of self-awareness.