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Misery loves company: A Fear-Free tip in emergency medicine


By Garret Pachtinger, VMD, DACVECC

Dr. Garret Pachtinger has a way to take the edge of stress in the ER waiting room.

Vetcetera: Why you should care about CVC San Diego (alternatively titled: mind = blown) - Nov 20, 2015

By staff

We’re betting you’ve at least heard of CVC. But how do you think the hours and hours of brilliant clinical information and killer practice management content come together?

I work with a real “B” word

FIRSTLINE - Nov 11, 2015

By Sheila Grosdidier, RVT

“There’s a bully who’s really wrecking my life at my veterinary practice. How do I broach the “B” word to my boss—and when is it time to move on to another hospital?” Sheila Grosdidier, RVT, of VMC, Inc. in Evergreen, Colorado, says the answer lies in another “B” word: Showing your boss how the bully affects the business.

Getting dogs onto the scale doesn’t have to be a drag


By staff

You don't have to use the force to get your veterinary patients' weight.

Eye drop delivery in a scared kitten: Two wrong ways, then a right


By staff

Watch this video. Your feline patients will thank you.

Ask Shawn: Can I keep my pregnancy secret?

FIRSTLINE - Nov 04, 2015

By Shawn G. McVey, MA, MSW

I'm pregnant, and I'm afraid to tell my coworkers. But there are a few tasks as a veterinary technician I can't safely perform. How can I protect my baby without seeming like I'm slacking at work?

Vetcetera: The roar of high-volume - Oct 30, 2015

By Matthew Kenwright, Assistant Content Specialist

A Missouri veterinary clinic is showing how high-volume and low cost can coexist—to the benefit of an entire region

Video: Candid thoughts on caring for backyard goats


By David Pugh, DVM, MS, MAg, DACT, DACVN, DACVM, Sarah J. Wooten, DVM

As a veterinary small animal practitioner, you may be unsure when clients come in with questions about this increasingly popular pet. Try this for starters.

Cat got your tongue? 4 tips to talk to cat owners

FIRSTLINE - Oct 26, 2015

By Jane E. Brunt, DVM

Confess: Do you stand behind the veterinary exam table and “blah, blah, blah, hairball, blah, blah blah, litter box" at clients? Jane Brunt, DVM, CATalyst Council Executive Director, offers the purrfect words to connect with cat owners. (P.S. There are kittens here. Playing. It’s really cute, we promise.)

Vetcetera: dvm360 staffers come clean about caring for their own pets - Oct 23, 2015

By Mindy Valcarcel, Editor, Medicine Channel Director

dvm360 is filled with advice on how to properly treat pets. But do our own editors and team members practice what we preach? Get the confessions here.

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