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The dental care toolkit
Use these free dental tools to train your team and educate veterinary clients about preventive dental care.


The January dvm360 toolkit focuses on dental care. The special package of articles, tips, handouts, videos, and tools is designed to make it easy for your team to educate pet owners about the importance of regular dental care.

The dvm360 toolkitArticles and tips
> How to detect and treat feline tooth resorption
> 7 ways to give stronger dental advice
> 10 ideas to increase dental services, giving pets the care they need
> A picture is worth 1,000 words

Your dental care tools

The dvm360 social media marketing kit for dental care
Use these pre-written Facebook posts and tweets to educate your clients about the need for pet dental health. (That's right. It's social media outreach made easy!)

A free iPad module on dental care for exam room education
If you already have the dvm360 app for iPad, make sure you downloaded the latest update. Then, inside the app, click the tab labeled "Client Education." You'll find a module from dvm360 that's designed to help facilitate conversations with clients in the exam room. The module includes photos of the stages of dental disease, a video about how to brush a pet's teeth, and more. If you don't yet have the app, download it now using your iPad. Or just search for dvm360 in the iTunes App store.

Use video to educate pet owners about dental care
Posting educational videos on your veterinary practice's website attracts visitors and keeps pets healthy. But finding the time to make these videos can be tough. To help, we've made a few that you can use for free. To post this video on dental care on your own website, just follow these instructions. The video will look like it's part of your site, and you can even customize the color and size of the video player.

Videos to inspire your team
We combed through the dvm360 video vault to find the best dental education videos for veterinary team members. Check these out:
> Top 10 ways to ace a dental appointment
> Technicians: Why get involved with dentistry?
> How one practice took a creative approach to educating clients about dental disease

Ready-to-use client handouts
These handouts, directed at clients, help reinforce the education you and your team deliver in person. Just click, print, and hand to clients.
> What's in your cat's mouth?
> Bad breath (halitosis) in pets
> A guide to brushing your pet's teeth

Take the next step
Of course, the whole point is to get these tools and ideas into action so pets suffer less dental disease (and you hear the word "yes" more often when you make dental recommendations). Use these four strategies to keep your team's enthusiasm for dental prevention high.

Talk back
Does your team do a great job preventing dental disease? We'd love to share your winning strategies with your colleagues. Did you try one of these tools? We'd love to know what your experience was like. Any other feedback? We're here.

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