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Articles by Julie Scheidegger

Julie Scheidegger

Associate Content Specialist

Negative reviews, Yelp and your veterinary clinic
May 1, 2014

Many veterinarians worry about how online critics might—or are—affecting their business, but those reviews can also take an emotional toll.

Angry beyond words? Try this when you or your veterinary team has been attacked online
May 1, 2014

Turn negative reviews into positive opportunities for your veterinary clinic.

Veterinarians employ different approaches to care for the country cat and the city cat
May 1, 2014

The obstacles to regular veterinary care are often the same for the scruffy barn cat as the pampered high-rise feline. The solution may be to use different tactics to get culturally different cat owners to comply.

Veterinarians may ignore signs of compassion fatigue
May 1, 2014

Negative reviews can contribute to a condition veterinarians are exceptionally prone to—and often suffer from in silence.

Pet obesity numbers prove sedentary
April 16, 2014

APOP to create veterinary coalition to combat client misperception in the face of super-obese pets.

Bill backed by walking horse group introduced to counter anti-soring legislation
March 28, 2014

AVMA cites bipartisan support for PAST Act, says new bill just a diversion.

Senators want disaster assistance for losses as veterinarians try to quell PEDv
March 27, 2014

Yet to be seen if a vaccine will be the answer against disease that's killed millions of pigs.

'Internet Vet' wins first round against Texas veterinary board
March 24, 2014

Judge rules Dr. Ron Hines' online veterinary advice subject to First Amendment interpretation.

Dr. Ernie Ward enters politics, state senate race
March 10, 2014

If Ward wins primary, general election in North Carolina could be a showdown of veterinary proportions.

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Hospital Design

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