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Articles by Mark Opperman, CVPM

Mark Opperman, CVPM

Mark Opperman, CVPM, is a certified veterinary practice manager and owner of VMC Inc., a veterinary consulting firm based in Evergreen Colo. Through his firm, he has consulted with more than 800 veterinary hospitals throughout North America, providing assistance in associate hiring, partnership formation, exit strategies, employee issues, profitability, efficiency, and more. He has lectured worldwide at meetings such as the CVC shows, the North American Veterinary Conference, the World Small Animal Veterinary Conference, the Denmark Annual Congress, and the London Veterinary Forum. Opperman founded the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association and served as president until 1993. Through his VMC School of Veterinary Practice Management, he has trained more than 250 practice managers.

Checklist for better veterinary drug control
March 1, 2014

Try these 8 tips to get inventory controls in place.

Are drugs leaving your veterinary practice the wrong way?
March 1, 2014

Tight drug controls reduce the risk of theft and abuse. Implement these simple steps to avoid messy situations.

Get a grip on veterinary support staff costs
February 13, 2014

It pays to keep an eye on this aspect of practice finances.

New Year's veterinary practice checklist: 7 things to do right now
January 7, 2014

Take care of these critical items in January 2014 to reap the rewards all year in practice success, team morale and better medicine at your veterinary hospital.

Why client reviews matter at your veterinary practice
January 1, 2014

Learn how one bad apple can spoil your clinic's business.

Take control of your veterinary practice's online reputation
January 1, 2014

Got a negative review? You can still survive and thrive in the veterinary world by following these simple steps.

4 questions to find—and cultivate—the perfect "10" veterinary team member
December 2, 2013

Attract the right candidates for your veterinary team, then hire and train them properly to guarantee success for them and your practice.

Give your veterinary practice a physical exam
November 1, 2013

6 practice systems to poke, prod and palpate every week, month and year to make sure your veterinary practice is healthy.

Clinic physical exam checklist
October 29, 2013

Use this form to give your practice a physical exam.

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