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Team training tool: Points on praise

July 1, 2014

Practice more effective praise to recognize the stars in your veterinary practice.

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The flea control toolkit

July 1, 2014

This toolkit delivers articles, tips, handouts, videos and tools all designed to make it as easy as possible to discuss flea control with your team and clients. (With an educational grant provided by Merck)


Got bullies in your veterinary practice?

June 1, 2014

When your workplace bully becomes unbearable, strike back with these tips--before the situation gets grizzly. Check out these seven species of bullies—and tips to bear down.


Team training tool: Disarm a Debbie Downer in your veterinary practice

May 1, 2014

Learn how to keep veterinary team conversations positive and on the right track.


VHMA Management Minute: How to handle a Debbie Downer in your veterinary practice

April 25, 2014

Fighting a Debbie Downer in your veterinary practice? Watch practice manager Leslie Boudreau, BAS, RVT, CVPM, explain how to turn Debbie's frown upside down.


Ask Shawn: Sick of a seller in our veterinary practice

April 10, 2014

One of our co-workers started a side business selling merchandise. She invited the whole team to her party, and we attended as a friendly gesture. But we felt pressured to buy from her so a few of us placed small orders. Now she's pressuring us to buy more, sending us emails about new products and bringing us catalogs. How do we politely say "No thanks" without making her angry and ruining our work relationship?--Sold out


7 tips to fill down times at your veterinary practice

April 1, 2014

The schedule is only half full and the day is dragging. But there's lots to do to help the patients in your care if you know where to look.


BizQuiz: Do you manage--or micromanage?

April 1, 2014

Are you managing or micromanaging your veterinary team? Take this quiz to find out:


Breed positivity in your veterinary practice

March 1, 2014

Use these 10 tips from pets to breed positive attitudes and eliminate negativity in your veterinary team.

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