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What is the Veterinary Confessionals Project?

The Veterinary Confessionals Project

This growing effort allows veterinary professionals to express themselves freely, without being judged, and encourages creativity and solidarity within the veterinary community. ...

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Do you have a confession? Something you need to say? Something to get off your chest? Some pressure that would ease if you shared what you're thinking? Here's an outlet. ...


Veterinary confessions: In control ... or out? - Jul 07, 2017

We selected confessions from the Vet Confessionals Project that reflect the feelings of control (or lack thereof) that plague the profession.

Confessions: Pet pain, death and dying - Jun 27, 2017

Caring for pets in their final moments is a frequent reality for veterinary professionals. Here are 30 of the most raw, poignant, honest and sometimes rueful confessions to highlight this special responsibility you have to your patients.

Veterinary secrets spotted at CVC Virginia Beach - May 21, 2017

Despite highs and lows, you chose a career in veterinary medicine. And here's a group of people who know exactly what you're going through.

Veterinary professionals: Follow your heart

VETTED - Oct 11, 2016

Advice from the creator of the Vet Confessionals Project.

Top 10 confessions from emergency veterinarians

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Sep 26, 2016

Emergency vets confess their secrets at the 2016 International Veterinary Emergency and Critial Care Symposium.

Techs confess: What's on your mind?

FIRSTLINE - Aug 29, 2016

Veterinary technicians spill their secrets! Check out their anonymous confessions about the things that make vet tech life super-annoying, super-sad and (of course) totally hilarious and awesome.

Your Veterinary Voice Episode 3: Meet Hilal Dogan, BVSc

VETTED - Jun 28, 2016

We talk to the force behind veterinary medicine's most powerful human interest project yet (and yes, you read that right). Meet the Vet Confessionals Project founder and find out how the project grew into a nationwide phenomenon.

What a relief! Living the locum tenens life

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Apr 21, 2016

These veterinarians ditched regular practice life. Could relief work be the answer to the horrible stress, miserable work-life balance and self-doubt pervasive in the industry?

Veterinarians: Not a bunch of sad sacks


Vet Confessionals Project founder Dr. Hilal Dogan reflects on criticism that veterinarians are a sad, sorry group.

You did what with this dog's dewclaw? - Jan 25, 2016

Via the Vet Confessionals Project: This veterinarian got a nasty surprise from a new client.

Vets confess: People piss us off. - Dec 02, 2015

Frustration with the "people" part of veterinary medicine is inevitable, and sometimes we've all gotta vent. But what happens when it's not just venting—and feeling this way starts to affect your career as a veterinarian?

Confessions: Eau de parvo, flea control by fence and your funniest secrets yet - Jul 20, 2015

Our eleven favorite LOL-worthy vet confessions.

Vet confessional: I was burned by a specialist

Jun 22, 2015

One general practitioner shares their story.

I confess: I’m an ardent fan of the Vet Confessionals Project

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jun 01, 2015

Veterinarians’, team members’ secrets are too good not to share.

Wanna know a secret? - May 20, 2015

Sometimes life (but especially life as a veterinary professional) can be a lot to handle. Here's a chance to unload some of what's weighing you down.