Help finding an article

Help finding an article

Here are a couple of suggestions on ways you can find a specific article on that you read in dvm360 magazine, Vetted, or Firstline:

1. Search for the article by title, author, or subject matter in the Search box at the top of this page.

2. If you know what month the article appeared in print, view the list of articles for that publication:
> dvm360 magazine archives
> Veterinary Medicine archives
> Veterinary Economics archives
> Firstline archives

3. If you still cannot find the article you're searching for, feel free to contact an editor of the publication in question:
> dvm360 magazine or the News section of dvm360
> Vetted, Veterinary Medicine or the Medicine section of dvm360
> Veterinary Economics or the Business or Hospital Design sections of dvm360
> Firstline or the Team section of dvm360

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