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The dvm360 Five

source-image Jul 19, 2011
By staff
Firstline Editor Kerry Hillard delivers news on NCVEI, Pfizer, the dvm360 iPad app and more.
source-image Jun 15, 2011
By staff
News on swine brucellosis in Texas and a Colorado veterinary school dean, plus a report on the aftermath of the tornadoes in Joplin, Mo.
source-image May 08, 2011
By staff
Episode 31 features special coverage from CVC in Washington, D.C.
source-image Apr 11, 2011
By staff
Join dvm360 Senior Editor Mindy Valcarcel as she brings the news and introduces experts from across the veterinary spectrum.
source-image Mar 16, 2011
By staff
Assistant Editor Steve Bennaka delivers updates on the crisis in Japan, and much more.
source-image Feb 22, 2011
By staff
In this edition of the Five from WVC in Las Vegas, we hear about dental strategies in practice, technology that wows clients, and more.
source-image Feb 09, 2011
By staff
In this edition of the Five, we hear from Drs. Marty Becker and Richard Ford (both appearing at CVC Washington, D.C.) and dvm360 Senior Editor Brendan Howard lays down the news.
source-image Jan 17, 2011
By staff
In this episode of the Five, reported on site at the North American Veterinary Conference, we get the latest news, plus hear tips on horse handling, social media and more.
source-image Dec 06, 2010
By staff
In this episode of the Five, Senior Editor Liz Marsh tells us about a new addition to the American Veterinary Medical Association's Veterinary Oath, we go behind the scenes at the Kansas City Zoo and hear from a feline practitioner about cats exhibiting inappropriate elimination
source-image Nov 07, 2010
By staff
DVM Newsmagazine editor Dan Verdon skippers the Five from CVC in San Diego. This edition features news on the California Veterinary Medical Board, opinions on the prospect of decreasing clinic visits, dermatologic advice and special guest Marty Becker.
source-image Oct 25, 2010
By staff
Veterinary Economics editor Kristi Reimer takes us through Episode 23 wherein we learn the top pet-friendly U.S. cities, hear about the Animal Health Corridor and get a preview of CVC in San Diego.
source-image Oct 11, 2010
By staff
Steve Bennaka, Assistant Editor, delivers the latest veterinary news and more in Episode 22.
source-image Sep 27, 2010
By staff
Amanda Bertholf, Managing Editor, delivers the latest veterinary news and more in Episode 21.
source-image Sep 14, 2010
By staff
Firstline editor Kerry Hillard Johnson is back with the latest veterinary news and information. In Episode 20 we learn cats' feelings about their collars, hear from Bronx Zoo West Nile researcher Tracey McNamara and more.
source-image Aug 31, 2010
By staff
In this edition of The Five, the dvm360 content team delivers updates live from CVC in Kansas City on finding life balance with ownership of a veterinary practice, using social media for marketing, and more.

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