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FIRSTLINE: Oct 14, 2015
Are you ready for the 12-year-old Yorkie that needs 24 teeth extracted? There’s no cookie-cutter approach in veterinary medicine! Here’s help.
FIRSTLINE: Jul 22, 2015
Use this form to promote regular dental checkups at your veterinary practice.
FIRSTLINE: May 05, 2015
When you see the pet owner, don't forget your role in dentistry. From kennel attendant to veterinarian, everyone can keep an eye on pets' oral health.
FIRSTLINE: Mar 05, 2015
Instead of reaching for that spring-loaded mouth gag, use these easy steps to make your own gentler gag.
FIRSTLINE: Feb 11, 2015
Why you should trade your spring-loaded mouth gag for a gentler solution—especially for cats.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Sep 01, 2014
Veterinarians and pet owners alike often deal with unanswered questions and difficult decisions when it comes to dentistry.