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Vetted: VetEc + VetMed, shaken not stirred

VETTED: Oct 02, 2017
Help pet owners walk a mile in their furry friend's paws with this handout from a dog's perspective on pain.
VETTED: Sep 25, 2017
Venn diagrams to express some of the agony and the ecstasy of life in a veterinary practice.
Are your veterinary clients curious about why you recommend joint supplements for their pets with this painful condition? Here are the answers they're looking for.
VETTED: Sep 18, 2017
The American Museum of the Housecat is a cat-lover’s paradise—and not just because you’ll find more than 5,000 items of feline art, toys and collectibles. All profits go to funding a no-kill, cat-only adoption center and sanctuary.
VETTED: Sep 15, 2017
When veterinary clients pay an annual fee—or monthly installments—for wellness services over the course of a year, will they be mad if they don't use them? Not if you remind them. (You ARE sending out regular reminders for everything, right?)
VETTED: Sep 12, 2017
By staff
Leaving behind any rough edges or diseased tissue when removing teeth from cats with this painful condition is a big no-no, says Dr. Heidi Lobprise.
VETTED: Sep 06, 2017
A radiograph can quickly become an expensive and a dangerous waste of time (think of that X-ray exposure!) if it’s not showing what is needed. Here are some tips to make you a pro.
VETTED: Aug 29, 2017
When it comes to purchasing ultrasound equipment, you want the best of machines, not the worst of machines. It's a far, far better thing to do your research. Here’s one clinic's guidance on how to approach this sizable investment.
By staff
Whose job is preventive health? How often do young pet owners turn to nutrition to solve their pet's pain problems? Dive into the new data from The Pet Owner Paths research.
VETTED: Aug 14, 2017
I know what you're thinking: "Didn't we get rid of rabies?" It depends on which domesticated species we're talking about. In dogs, we're doing great! In cats, not so much.